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If you are here to read about knitting, you will be happy to know that I am now a part of a design team called TAAT. We have a new group blog, where we will post about our patterns, as well as other knitterly things. Please come join us at


It’s been too long…again

So I have been busy. Really busy. With knitting stuff. And none of it was really bible socks. So I have been absent from the blog for a long time. But here is some exciting news. First, I plan to use this blog as a more general one from now on, talking about knitting and my spiritual walk on a more regular basis. I hope. Also, I am now part of a design team, and we will have a group blog where our patterns and other knitting stuff will be discussed. So that is exciting. Keep checking in so that when I have an address for you, you will be ready. This is very exciting.

I will give you some hints about the rest of the team, are you ready?


I have too much yarn. Ooh, yarn, I should buy it.

What do you need to know? I will check my phone.

I love those guys.


I have a new pattern available on Ravelry. I made it up a long time ago, but only just decided to release it as a pattern now.

Download it here. It’s free!

Song of Solomon

This has been a challenge. This book didn’t make me happy, at first. All I had were questions, at first, and now I have decided that I will never know exactly what this book is for, at least not in this life.

At school, they taught that this book is about Christ’s love for his church. That never sat right with me, because while it seems possible to read it that way in retrospect, I have always thought that this book was about more. There had to be more levels, because it was read and useful to people for ages and ages before Jesus was born. A lot of the old testament is prophetic, of course, and while I am no expert, this book didn’t feel prophetic to me.

The other way of looking at it, as a handbook for married couples, doesn’t seem complete either. I guess that I will content myself by saying that applying what I know from the New Testament to this book, I can see that it is about the love of our saviour, and by applying what I know about marriage, it is about that too.

Anyway, I read 6 different translations of this book. I learned that it has two names because authorship is attributed to Solomon, (God inspired, of course) and it was his ultimate work. (Song of Songs)

The main thing that struck me about this book, after reading and re-reading is the part where the Beloved says that her Lover was knocking, but the first things she thinks of are that she is already asleep, she had already taken off her robe, and washed her feet. By the time she decided to make time for him, he was gone. This is a good warning for me. Often times, when my man is home, and wants to spend time with me, I have knitting I want to do, or sleeping in I want to do, or any number of things other than make him my priority. I don’t want to look one day to find him gone.

The couple in this book look at each other, and celebrate each other. After a while, I think that a lot of people stop seeing each other. Really seeing each other. The way they compliment each other isn’t exactly the sort of thing we hear a lot of these days, (Your breasts are like deer? Huh?) but they obviously meant a lot to each other. They don’t care that we have been listening in, they are too happy and commited to each other. It’s a good reminder.

And here are the socks.

Not a sexy picture here, but I figured that what better match for the “sexy” book than beaded knee highs? Raveled here. I knit these as part of a Read and Knit Along with the Yarn Love group too, the book we read was Pride and Prejudice.

The Amish symbol meaning Hands to Work and Hearts to God is here in this new pattern. It’s downloadable for free on Ravelry, here.

Praying specifically

About a month ago now, our pastor mentioned in his sermon how praying specifically can sometimes be a good idea. His point was illustrated by a story about his wife praying that they would find any old hotel on their cross country drive. And that is exactly what they found. An old hotel.

So I have been doing that. Praying specifically. And I want to tell you about it. Our family has a really big expense coming up. Something that we want to do, not something we have to do, but the cost will be high. I realized that I had it in my power to help with that cost. I could give up my Sock Yarnista membership, and go down to 1 skein in Stash Menagerie. To be honest, I would have given up both, but I was worried that I wouldn’t get back in the club, with the waiting list the way it is. I knew that I had to do this. I knew that the sacrifices couldn’t all be made by my man. But man did I hate the idea. I didn’t want to give up the club. I love the yarn, and I have made some lifelong friends by being a part of the group on Ravelry. On cold, grey, winter days, when I feel desperate for an adult conversation, and a polymailer filled with beautiful yarn shows up in my mail box, it makes me feel like I can make it through the day. But, I had to do it. I wanted to be able to give it up with a cheerful heart, and it just wasn’t happening. Finally, I just went for it. I was sad. I wanted to cry about it for days. But I kept praying. Finally, I asked God to keep me in yarn, because he knows what a comfort it is to me, to be able to knit, and keep my hands busy. The very next day, amazing things started to happen.

So many amazing things. My friends came around me in ways that I didn’t expect. Yarn will be coming to my house. A job I can do at home is now mine. My husband got recognition at work. And today, I got an email that started with I hope you are sitting down. An anonymous friend has done an amazing thing. Believe it or not, I can’t find the words to say how I feel that this person decided to become an answer to prayer. I feel overwhelmed and amazed, and filled with praise for the One who seems to be delighting in making me happy. God gives us gifts of the spirit, but this week, he has been giving me gifts.

To the anonymous friend. Thank you. I am amazed that my happiness and  friendship is worth this much to you. I am thrilled that you decided to be a gift to me. Thank you.

This was written on Friday. But for some reason, it didn’t post. Here it is now. Sorry for the delay.

Hobo Socks

Guess what? I have a new pattern for sale on Ravelry. Sorry for the awful photo, a better one is coming when we have some good light and a model at home at the same time.

Price: $3.00CAN      


It has been hard, this winter, to find the time to form a coherant thought and type it in to this blog. Somehow, writing at night when it’s still light out is so much easier than writing at night when it has been dark since late afternoon. Today, it struck me. I have time to myself on Thursday afternoons, the only hour and fifteen minutes of every week where I have no obligations, and no one else is home. So why not designate this my time to tell you what I have learned? Why not indeed.

So. James. I read this book a while back now, while knitting socks for my Grandpa. It’s probably my favorite book. It starts out with the words Consider it pure joy, my brothers…

What a happy start, right? Well, it is. But it goes on. Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. And you know what? It’s true. In the past few months, every time I teach something to my boys, or answer a question about God, Jesus or the Bible, I have a thought flash through my mind. That thought is, Do I really believe what I am telling them? And the answer is always yes. But the questioning leads to more questioning, doesn’t it. I always wind up by saying a quick and fervent prayer, Lord please help me to believe what I believe. But that perserverance is there, because I still say the prayer. I still teach them the things that the other side would have me forget to tell them. I have to. I can’t let my kids down. I can’t let my God down. Oh, I know that in my lifetime, I will disappoint them all, over and over. But I will keep trying not to.

This book is filled with amazing things. If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.  (1:5) It’s that easy. I sure lack wisdom, don’t you? I have been trying to ask for wisdom even for small stuff. How do I teach this? How do I fix that? It helps to ask. It helps even more to be helped. Just the other day, I prayed and asked how I could go on with the routine we have had on school mornings, it has been too cold for Stick to walk to the door of the school to drop off his brother, and then back to the car. And then a wonderful woman offered to help me. She has played with him at our house the last few mornings so he could stay home where it’s warm, and yesterday especially, it was truly a blessing.

 When Pistachio and I got to school the power was out. The school property backs on to the property of the Catholic french immersion school. They had power, and the portable at our school had power, but the main building didn’t. Apparently, half the city was out. Which is amazing because the lines are 98% underground. The city had told the school that the power would be back at 11. (It was 8:30 at this point) So they were collecting the entire school in the portable, and then they were going to walk over to the Catholic school and spend the morning in thier gym. I decided just to bring him home, so we went to find his teacher to tell her, and then headed back to the car. Just when we reached the car, the power came back on. So back we walked. All in all, it was 9am before I headed home. It was cold, about -24C. I am so thankful that Stick didn’t have to come. God provided care for him that day, for sure.

Don’t be deceived, my dear brothers. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. (1:16) Lots of comfort there, hey? Every good gift is from God. Every thing that makes us happy is from him. And since he doesn’t change, that will always be true. Therefor, all things that are not truly good and perfect gifts, those are not from him. Enough said.

My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, for man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.  (1:19-20. Read verse 21 as well, that is also full of perfect advice.) If there was a verse that I need to have tatooed permanently on my heart, this is it. If I am having a tough day, if I get mad at my kids in the blink of an eye, am I teaching them about the righteous life that God desires? Or am I distracting them from what is right by my own bad behaviour? I need to practice this more.

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. (1:22) And there is the key. There are a lot of wonderfull insights in this book, but I will trust you to read them yourself. Have a pen ready, or a highlighter, you will need it. But this verse right here, this says it all. If we read this book, the bible, like any other book, enjoying it while it’s in our hands, and forgetting it later, we might as well not even pick it up. But if we read it, mull it over, and chose to live it, that’s when it becomes alive. This is so blunt. Do what it says. That leaves no room for interpretation. No room for negotiation or procrastination. Do what it says.

What about you? I want to hear it. What verse in this book moves you? Which verse has made you sit up straighter and rethink? That happens to me every time I read this book. Several times. I need to knit this book again, some day.

Right now I am working on Song of Solomon. So far, I have been left with more questions than answers, but I have gone to an expert for help, and hopefully will have something for you about that book next Thursday. Until then, I will leave you with this, James 5:13

Is any one of you in trouble? He should pray. Is anyone happy? Let him sing songs of praise.

Simple as that.

And in other news…

I have two patterns available on Ravelry! First off, Sunny Side of the Street. I am very excited to announce that my humble sock knitting bag can be purchased here, at Three Irish Girls. I was blessed to be able to offer it to my friends in the Sock Yarnista club as the extra for October, and now any one who wants to can purchase it for $2.49US. Thank you Sharon.


And just today, I have added Don’t Be Mouthy to my Ravelry store. This scarf was created by Stick, our 3 year old knitwear designer, and knit by me. It’s a fun, playful, and quick knit, and the pattern is free. I hope you like it.

Hello, neglected blog

Hello, neglected blog. I bet that you have wondered where I am, what I have been up to, and when I will get around to posting my thoughts on the book of James.

The truth is, I haven’t been so busy that I couldn’t have made time for this. I just didn’t make time for this. I have been knitting, and knitting a lot, but I haven’t been knitting a lot of socks. Since the James socks, I haven’t knit any at all. I do have a lovely skein of Yarn Love Elizabeth Bennet in Forget me not, which is sitting beside my computer being all promising, but I have yet to cast on. I even know which pattern I will be using. I even instigated a knit along using this base, that started January 2. But I haven’t cast on.

My plan is to read a book of the bible to go with these upcoming socks, but I don’t know which one yet. I do plan to get that going soon, because I am feeling the void that was so filled by this project when I was more committed and consistent. I will return. I just need help. So prayers for my motivation would be appreciated. Suggestions of books that will go with beaded knee socks (and the book Pride and Prejudice, because the kal is also a read along) would also be appreciated. Thank you.